A strategy is necessary for anyone seeking change. Those who think they need not change, might be on the wrong track. Strategic consulting offers a solid handhold to leaders who stand by their drawing boards, but still wish to leave their daily routine point of view and see their organizations's processes and structures as a map.

How can a consultant help a leader?

  • By creating structures: breaking up a complex problem into managable components

  • By prioritizing: where the direction of change should be aimed

  • By providing a scale: determination of the possible scope of the change necessary

How strategy becomes reality

The value-add of Stratis:

  • Makes a complex set of problems simple and intelligible

  • Prepares a roadmap and timing by measurable milestones

  • Provides custom solutions based on industry-specific knowledge

  • Prepares fesibility studies of ideas arising

  • Provides expertise, deep industry-specific and business knowledge, IT skills


Organisational process + supporting IT system + data = the toolset of Stratis, the strategic consultant