Project management is a basic skill of all Stratis consultants, complemented by a solid base of professional knowledge. There are both seasoned experts on the Stratis team, capable of leading a comprehensive, multi-year strategic programme and consultants who provide a firm hand in managing shorter projects reliably. This enables Stratis to lead any scale of change successfully.

Strengths of Stratis expert project managers:

  • The ability to lead complex, business-critical projects, affecting organisational processes to a great extent

  • Considerable experience of operational specialities of industries

  • Expertise in managing IT-related projects supporting business operations

Why Stratis?

  • Solid methodologies

  • Continuity even if there is a change in team members

  • Provision of full-time experts, available for years

  • Seasoned, senior colleagues with international certifications


Project management skills + special expert area = Stratis project managers